The CrossTrack Story

Years ago, Kay Ong saw a need in the logistics industry to match growing demand for deliveries with limited resources. An early adopter, Kay pioneered the e-commerce delivery system with the CrossTrack tech solution platform. A firm believer in lean development, all his solutions are designed to work at a level of efficiency unburdened by excessive administration or cost. After making a decision to expand the business and the core team in 2018, CrossTrack now focuses on delivering the same efficiency and cost savings to businesses and research institutes. 

Each team member has the backing and support of their own group of mentors that form a strong network of knowledge and experience. Because Kay believes that strong systems are built on strong people, each department manager is also capable of consulting and formulating bespoke strategies outside of logistics. Let us work together with you to find the best solutions available, and you can keep your company on track with CrossTrack.

The CrossTrack Team Now

After years of being a logistics firm, CrossTrack now provides their expertise to companies to help them maximize their own supply-chain resources. With 5 years of actual experience delivering and helping companies across different industries with their operations, you can be sure the company will be able to understand your needs. The F&B, FMCG, medical device and machinery, hardware, and electrical manufacturing industries are the cornerstones of our experience. 

Dean is an entrepreneur with experience in leading early-stage companies from ideation to international expansion. A journeyman speaker, he occasionally speaks at universities as a guest lecturer in Singapore, Indonesia and the UK. In the private sector, he has founded companies in various industries such as tech, food-tech, retail, and manpower management.

Kay has more than 10 years of experience in Technology Development, with 4 years in logistics technology. An established thought leader for SMEs and startups in the logistics field, Kay focuses on solving concrete problems in the most efficient way possible. He also won the SHELL LiveWire 2015 Award for breakthroughs in logistics technology development.

Khairul has been in service industries for 10 years and has been doing a lot of groundwork for logistics services. Due to his experience on the ground, most of his solutions are from a bottom-up perspective. He believes in taking care of his people, so in return, they will take care of their clients.

Sahfahri is a well established sales professional who has been extremely successful in several industries namely in finance, corporate retail and security. Motivated and creative in his ways to help his clients solve problems efficiently; he establishes strong relationships with his clients to meet challenges they face. 

Bernadette is obsessed with problem solving and social engineering and has pursued these two prongs obsessively in every industry she’s been in, from education, pharmaceutical cosmetology, to medical device development. With over 10 years in coaching individuals and start-ups, she has founded 2 companies herself and still hops on board the occasional interesting business idea as a mentor. With an immense drive and strategic perspective, she takes both an eagle-eyed and a detailed approach to running businesses. Is also a published author, poet, graphic artist, and a well-known public speaker.

Isyanto is embarking on a new journey in his life. Eager to experience the challenges that the workforce has to offer, hopefully to develop a better hindsight of the industry at hand.