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External Management

If you find that you're stretched thin managing your front-end work and the logistics/operations of your company, we can help. Depending on how involved you'd like us to be, we can either help manage your entire supply-chain arm from manpower to rostering, or help with vehicle and delivery consolidation. We help maximize the use of your existing fleet by co-loading deliveries and passing on the revenue to you, and provide you access to additional vehicles as your company expands at minimal cost. That means you don't need to rent or buy fixed assets! Our operations team ensures that your best practices are kept and that your employees enjoy a pain-free transition. All your vehicles also still bear your brand name, so customers always see YOU first. That means you can focus on getting clients, not fire-fighting.

Tech Solutions

Our award-winning platform allows you to handle all the basic issues you need for delivery, routing, and collecting receipts from clients. As it automates and optimizes route planning and rerouting, tracking your drivers, sending email notifications to your clients, and allows uploads of DO, your operations managers spend less manual man-hours. The basic platform is a one-time payment of SGD5000 (not including training and implementation) for up to 10 users, and additional APIs or services (such as SMS messaging, interfacing with your existing systems etc) can be discussed. We are happy to show you a demo! Please contact us below!


Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can help: if you know you have issues on your supply-chain side, but can't really place a finger on what they are (or you just need a solution), we'll first get to understand your needs, then attach our operations managers to your team. After a couple of weeks of observation and analysis, we'll provide you a thorough problem analysis and our proposed solutions. From there, you can choose whether you want us to execute or manage the solutions for you, or if you want to handle it yourself! The initial problem analysis is complimentary, and the attachment is a flat fee depending on the size/complexity of your operations, and the full quotation will be provided after it's completed.

Are you a research or academic institution?

Research and Development (NEW)

CrossTrack has collected years of data in logistics, manpower and vehicle management, route planning, and the strategic impact of e-commerce on various industries. If you'd like to work together with us, or gain access to our data, contact us below. We'll be happy to discuss the kind of data you need, from strategic perspectives, to molecular-level details.

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